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The nearly 20 years that Chris Reeve Knives has been in existence have been remarkable ones! As a young man, I dreamed of owning a comfortable sized workshop where I could make good knives, have some decent machines and earn a reasonable living.
I channeled my enthusiasm into knife making - looking at every feature from a different angle, taking different approaches, using different techniques and different materials. The early years of Chris Reeve Knives were also funded more by enthusiasm and passion than by cash, but I have always striven to produce the best possible knives with the resources available to me. When Anne and I emigrated from South Africa to the USA in 1989, we embarked on an adventure to which we were totally committed. We offered ourselves no option of going back or of failure. As we built our business, we worked hard to put as much as possible into every one of our knives. By that, I mean that I have designed every model with deliberation, taking into account how the knife works and the intended purpose of the knife. I have chosen the materials with care, we have paid exceptional attention to the execution of every knife, and have backed our product with the best customer service we can offer.


The idea of the one piece knife was born while Chris was serving time in the South African Army on the Namibia/Angola border in 1979. The experiences of military service have contributed substantially to the features in these knives.
Chris realized that the ideal working knife was a tool which was strong, reliable and impervious to temperature and humidity. Extensive time has been devoted to design, and research and development to improve both the blade designs and the methods used in making the knives.
Each knife is made from a solid billet of A2 tool steel. The stock removal method results in two distinct advantages--the strength/weight ratio is exceptional and there is no handle/blade join. This means that there is no area where the blade and handle could come apart--a weakness in the design of other hollow handle knives. The handle cavity is larger than that of any similar knife. The hollow handle is closed with a butt cap made of 6061 aluminum which screws into the handle against a Neoprene "O" ring, ensuring the cavity is sealed from dust and moisture. All the one piece knives are hardened to 55-57 RC and random checks are made to ensure accuracy. This hardness gives superb toughness, good edge retention and allows for efficient sharpening in the field. Each knife is coated with super hi-tech KG Gun-Koteä originally developed for use in the aerospace industry. This coating offers a durable, long-lasting, non-reflective covering. Included in the price of each knife is a hand-made leather sheath. A lifelong guarantee, signed by Chris accompanies each knife.

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