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I no longer offer
online purchases.
Please e-mail me
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for knives you'd
like to buy and
we'll take care of
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Welcome to Moore Knives! I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often. I am Scott Moore and I am first a knife collector, and second a purveyor of great knives. I've always been interested in knives, but in the 80's I started to become interested in actually collecting or accumulating knives; Al Mar Knives and Randall Made Knives to start. I needed to fund this new hobby, so I started attending gun and knife shows. Over time I have come to know so many wonderful people who collect and make knives. This has become the best part of this hobby.

This website will share a lot of information with you, especially where Mad Dog Knives and Al Mar Knives are concerned. I will continue to add info as I go. I have a lot of "vintage" or discontinued Al Mar knives available for sale, here. I have some vintage Mad Dog, Chris Reeve Knives and Gerber Knives available as well. I also have most of the current Al Mar and Chris Reeve knives for sale as well. I'll never have enough Mad Dog's or Randall's for sale, but I will list those that are available. I am set up to use PayPal® for payment, but also accept checks and money orders. Feel free to contact me, via e-mail or phone in order to complete your purchase. If you have any questions about any of these knives or brands, please contact me at mooreknives@yahoo.com.

All model names and descriptions are for reference only.
Check with me for availabilty and current prices.

Under Construction check back often!

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